Mattress Shampooing Services

Your mattress is possibly the dirtiest object in your household that you are in close contact with for many hours. An average mattress can be home to dust mites, bacteria. Other dust mite allergies include eczema, rhinitis and symptoms such as morning sneezes, nasal congestion, and itchy red eyes.

A comfortable mattress helps ensure that you and your loved ones get good sleep through the night. After a while though, when the mattress gets dirty, it is important to clean it well. This prevents spread of germs and disease while also maintaining the overall texture of the mattress. Our expert cleaning agents use specialized chemical to remove stains, spots and ground-in dirt or soil. Proper cleaning techniques that involve dry vacuuming of the surface leave your mattress feeling fresh and new again.

Approximate time

1 to 2 hours depending on the size & condition of the mattress

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Equipment Carried – Industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaner, cleaning agents, dusters.
  • Size of Crew – 1 to 2 persons
  • Note - mattress will be moist for 2 to 3 hours ( Letting the AC/ fan ON post the service will help in drying of the sofa/carpet faster)


  • Dry vacuuming the mattress to extract loose dust
  • Scrubbing/brushing mattress with chemical solution
  • Wet vacuuming mattress to remove moisture & residual dirt
  • Note – Old & Stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However, we cannot guarantee 100% stain removal as certain stains if treated further, can damage the fabric.
  • Pricing

    • Single Mattress - INR 599
    • Double Mattress - INR 1199

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